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"Introducing The Art of Public Speaking and How You Can Win Over An Audience In No Time, Conquer Fear and be Considered a Professional Amongst Your Peers..." 


More than 500,000 men and women, since 1912, have been members of public speaking courses using Dale Carnegie's methods. Like thousands before you, this course will enable you to gain self confidence, poise, and the ability to think on your feet. If you've ever felt self conscious, frightened and unable to concentrate or remember what you had to say in front of a crowd...this course will give you the ability to think get your thoughts together in logical order and say your say clearly and convincingly before a business,  club,  group or audience. 

At last, here's a course that anybody whose ever wanted to get up in front of a crowd can master (and afford) easily. Not only will you be able to overcome doubts and fears you may be harbouring, but people will love your presentation. Imagine having them eating out of the palm of your hand...

"If you've ever wanted to get up on stage, or just in front of a crowd for the first time...or even if you are a seasoned veteran...this comprehensive guide will give you all the nitty gritty ins and outs of being an amazing hit with your audience"... 

But first, a few words about the authors…

Dale Carnegie 

Professor of public speaking, Baltimore School of Commerce and Finance; 

Instructor in public speaking, y.m.c.a. schools, New York, Brooklyn, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, and the New York City chapter, American Institute of Banking 

And author of 




"How to Develop Self-Confidence And Influence People By Public Speaking"

The Leader In You" 

"How To Enjoy Your Life And Your Job" 


J. Berg Esenwein 

Author of 



 Most people in business or into personal development would be aware of the name Dale Carnegie and his multi million bestselling book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

 “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, is the most popular work of non-fiction of our time (besides the bible)…and the most influential business book of the twentieth century...

"The Art of Public Speaking" is no ordinary book either…it has been co-authored by two masters who truly knew their stuff!

In this outstanding eBook manual you'll learn:-

How to acquire confidence before an audience...before you even step on stage... 

How to avoid the sin of monotony and have them hanging on every word... 

How to efficiently emphasise to drive your points home using change of pitch, pace and inflection as you shift your speech into high gear...      

How to use pause to add power and punch... 

How you can concentrate your delivery to add force, feeling and enthusiasm... 

How preparation leads to fluency... 

How to utilise your voice for charm, distinctiveness and precision...

The truth about gesture, what you must avoid and how to make it work for you... 

Methods of delivery and how to choose what is best for you...                         

 The secret of "Reserve power"...and how to obtain it...         

Subject and preparation essentials for a flawless delivery...  

7 powerful ways to influence the crowd and have them begging for more...   

How to harness the power of imagination to make your speech fly...   

How to grow and fine tune your vocabulary to match any occasion... 

How you can quickly and easily improve your memory...even if you think it's lousy at the moment... 

The magic of "right thinking" and personality and how you can obtain it... 

How to consistently hit the nail on the head at any event...whether it be an after dinner speech or some other occasion...using humour and other conversational tools (which you'll learn about in this book)...

How you can master the art of effective conversation, gain respect, and have the crowd at your feet... 

50 questions for debate...use this swipe file of ideas to get the ball rolling...

30 themes for speeches...complete with source references, plus suggestive subjects for speeches...and hints for their treatment (you'll never  be lost for words)... 

117 pages of speeches for practice...learn from the masters...      


    Use The Art Of Public Speaking as your official guide to success...a definitive course for expanding the boundaries of your comfort zone and taking your presentation skills to the next level...         

What readers are saying about Dale Carnegie's work...  

“I regularly give public talks, and am always looking for ways to improve my speaking and organizational abilities.  It isn't only that the author offers highly useful, practical information regarding poise, confidence, and organization, but also writes with a level of skill that is truly rare. I recommend this book not only to burgeoning and expert public speakers alike, but also to writers interested in reading truly masterful prose."

W.J.Gilmore (Columbus, OH)


“I was asked to speak to our local church group recently. With little to no public speaking experience, I decided to get and read Carnegie’s book rather than decline to speak (a thought that had crossed my mind) 
My presentation went over in a big way. It was very successful. The tips and advice really worked. 
From zero to above average public speaker. Thank you Mr. Carnegie!”

(name withheld)


“Although Carnegie's books were written some time ago, the concepts he introduces remain tried and true. I have read another of his books "How To Win Friends and Influence People" and they are both fantastic. This book in particular I see as being of great value to anyone who has ever struggled with public speaking." 

T. Murrell (Perth, Australia)


 Just take a look at this comprehensive list of information crammed chapters:- 


CHAPTER II--THE SIN OF MONOTONY                                                          

CHAPTER III--EFFICIENCY THROUGH EMPHASIS AND     SUBORDINATION                                                                 



CHAPTER VI--PAUSE AND POWER                                                                   

CHAPTER VII--EFFICIENCY THROUGH INFLECTION                                  

CHAPTER VIII--CONCENTRATION IN DELIVERY                                         

CHAPTER IX--FORCE                                                                                           

CHAPTER X--FEELING AND ENTHUSIASM                                                    


CHAPTER XII--THE VOICE                                                                              

CHAPTER XIII--VOICE CHARM                                                                           


CHAPTER XV--THE TRUTH ABOUT GESTURE                                                

CHAPTER XVI--METHODS OF DELIVERY                                                        

CHAPTER XVII--THOUGHT AND RESERVE POWER                                      

CHAPTER XVIII--SUBJECT AND PREPARATION                                             

CHAPTER XIX--INFLUENCING BY EXPOSITION                                             

CHAPTER XX--INFLUENCING BY DESCRIPTION                                            

CHAPTER XXI--INFLUENCING BY NARRATION                                             

CHAPTER XXII--INFLUENCING BY SUGGESTION                                          

CHAPTER XXIII--INFLUENCING BY ARGUMENT                                           

CHAPTER XXIV--INFLUENCING BY PERSUASION                                        

CHAPTER XXV--INFLUENCING THE CROWD                                                 

CHAPTER XXVI--RIDING THE WINGED HORSE                                             

CHAPTER XXVII--GROWING A VOCABULARY                                              

CHAPTER XXVIII--MEMORY TRAINING                                                          


CHAPTER XXX--AFTER-DINNER AND OTHER OCCASIONAL                    SPEAKING                                                  


APPENDIX A--FIFTY QUESTIONS FOR DEBATE                                           

APPENDIX B--THIRTY THEMES FOR SPEECHES, WITH SOURCE-             REFERENCES                                                                                                           

APPENDIX C--SUGGESTIVE SUBJECTS FOR SPEECHES; HINTS FOR TREATMENT                                                                                                            

APPENDIX D--SPEECHES FOR STUDY AND PRACTISE                                    

Read on to learn just a few more of the powerful benefits The Art Of Public Speaking can awaken in your life...

  The Art Of Public Speaking is an authoritive guide to anyone who's ever wanted to get up in front of a crowd, and not be scared. But not only will it help overcome any doubts and fears you may be can do much more than that. Imagine delivering a dynamic speech or presentation that heralds thundering applause on completion... 

  The Art Of Public Speaking is a complete and thoroughly tested course to help the business and professional person in their speaking, both public and in private. And it is also of great benefit for anyone that just needs a bit of extra confidence before getting up in front of a crowd. It has stood the test of time... 

  The course has aided thousands of business and professional women and men over the years to become creditable speakers, many of whom were formerly unable to say half a dozen sentences effectively when facing an audience. It has helped the shy to feel comfortable when addressing a group...

    This course has developed people. It has increased their faith and vision, and shown them how to use their latent forces to the fullest possible extent. It has made leaders out of many who were previously only mute them the ability to confidently speak up and speak out whenever called upon...or the situation arises...

Use The Art Of Public Speaking as your secret weapon to delivering knockout presentations...time after time...

Unlike some other books around...this is no flimsy light weight 50 page introduction to the subject…but a full blown (412 information jam packed pages to be exact) course giving you everything you need to know and do to guarantee you are a knockout hit at your next event. But even more importantly…it’s easy to read, follow and put into practice. You can quickly jump to the bits you need most…especially since the eBook has inbuilt search functionality! Type the subject you're after into the books search engine…click find…and hey presto, you will instantly be taken to all references within the book of that which you’re after...

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This fantastic book makes it incredibly easy for anyone to learn how to grammatically speak and write correctly. It contains 128 pages of easy to follow, understand and apply lessons guaranteed to give you mastery over the English language in next to no time.  In it you will find 15 information packed chapters covering...

REQUIREMENTS OF SPEECH Vocabulary. Parts of speech. Requisites

ESSENTIALS OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR Divisions of grammar. Definitions. Etymology.

THE SENTENCE Different kinds. Arrangement of words Paragraph.

FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE Figures of speech. Definitions and examples. Use of figures.

PUNCTUATION Principal points. Illustrations. Capital letters.

LETTER WRITING Principles of letter writing. Forms. Notes.

ERRORS Mistakes. Slips of authors. Examples and corrections. Errors of redundancy.

PITFALLS TO AVOID Common stumbling blocks. Peculiar constructions. Misused forms.

STYLE Diction. Purity. Propriety. Precision.

SUGGESTIONS How to write. What to write. Correct speaking and speakers.

SLANG Origin. American slang. Foreign slang.

WRITING FOR NEWSPAPERS Qualification. Appropriate subjects. Directions.

CHOICE OF WORDS Small words. Their importance. The Anglo-Saxon element.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE Beginning. Different Sources. The present.

MASTERS AND MASTERPIECES OF LITERATURE Great authors. Classification. The world's best books.

Even if your English grammar is's always handy to keep this little book nearby just to check when in doubt!

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Here's How You Can Develop an Aura That Naturally Attracts People and Holds Their Attention...

This amazing little 68 page book reveals the secret to creating a "MAGNETIC" that people are automatically drawn to. Imagine how powerful applying the techniques this book teaches to your speech or presentation. People will be saying that you've got that "SOMETHING SPECIAL"...and will be eager to hear you again and again. Standing ovations, instead of being extraordinary...could become the norm for you! 

Imagine combining the techniques of this book, The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism, with The Art of Public Speaking and How to Speak and Write Correctly. You'll soon be well on your way to delivering professional, power packed, entertaining presentations that have people hanging on your every word. So if you want to bring the house down at your next speech...becoming the talk of town with people flocking to hear you, and exert a "magic" that keeps people spellbound...get and read these books!

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P.S. Never again will you feel like searching for a rock to crawl under and hide...or feel that lump form in the back of your throat...or experience that gnawing pain in the pit of your stomach which cripples you from action...when called upon to speak. Never again be gripped by debilitating fear which prevents you from presenting your best self.  This course will enable your true self to shine through so you can at last reap the rewards and benefits your knowledge and personality rightly deserves.

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